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High Life NFH Survey Shows India Got Healthier In Last 10 Years

NFH Survey Shows India Got Healthier In Last 10 Years

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According to a new survey, India’s health indicators show significant improvement over the last ten years. With better human sex ratio and decline in infant mortality, the survey shows positive statistics. More institutional deliveries, wider vaccine coverage and with other several government’s policies, India’s health has improved compared to the last decade.

India health improved over last decade

During the fourth phase of National Family Health Survey (NFHS), the new government data shows positive change in population rate.

Health Secretary C K Mishra said, “The results show that if we invest and design good programmes in health, results will follow.”

Northern state Haryana anticipated a commendable change in its sex ratio at birth. During the NFHS 3 (2005-06) in Haryana, 762 females were born against 1,000 males, the ratio enhanced to 846 females per 1,000 males in the NFHS (2014-15). The sex ratio at birth improved a bit nationally, the survey shows 919 female were born per 1,000 males during NFHS 4 against the 914 females were born per 1,000 males in NFHS 3 (2005-06).

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India health improved over last decade haryana

 Over the last decade, India’s total fertility rate declined from 2.7 to 2.2. Also, the infant mortality rate in India declined from 57 to 41 per 1000 live births between NFHS 3 and 4. The institutional deliveries has been recorded a dramatic improvement, 38.7% in NFHS 3 to 78.9% in NFHS 4.

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The wider vaccine coverage across India has improved, 70% in NFHS 4 from 44% in 2005-06. In the last eight year, proportion of under-weight children declined from 42.5% to 35.7% in NFHS 4.

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