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India Leads In Suicides, Over 5 Crore People Suffer From Depression, Says WHO Report

According to a WHO study, over five crore Indians suffered depression, a major contributor to suicides occurred globally, mainly in low and middle-income countries like India. The World Health Organisation reported in 2015 that over five crore Indians suffered from depression and over three crore people suffered from anxiety disorders.


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The report titled – ‘Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders – Global Health Estimates’, stated that over two-thirds global suicides occurred in low and middle-income nations. The document published by WHO said that 322 million people are living with depression globally and almost half of them live in South East Asian region – reflecting populations of India and China.

Depression leading cause of suicide
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Between 2005 and 2015, the total estimated number of people living with depression amplified by 18.4 percent. And the entire cases of depressive disorders in India were 5,66,75,969 which was 4.5 percent of population for the year 2015. While the sum cases of anxiety disorders were 3 percent of the population for the same year as per the WHO figures.

According to the document, in 2015 – an estimated 7,88,000 people committed suicide and many more than this figure attempted suicide but did not die. Bringing into the top 20 leading death causes, suicides were responsible for about 1.5 percent of deaths worldwide.

In 2012, India accounted for the highest estimated number of suicides in the world, according to the WHO report published in 2014. However, 78 percent suicides globally occurred in low and middle-income countries for the year 2015.

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