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News India Pakistan's Ancesstral Rivalry Now For The Sky!

India Pakistan’s Ancesstral Rivalry Now For The Sky!

India and Pakistan’s ancesstral rivalry isn’t hidden from any one. A new instance of rivalry could be seen recently. The opponents are now fighting for the sky! Pakistan’s denial to let aircraft of Prime Minister Modi fly in their air space is a new move from our opponent’s side.

Pakistan Still Screaming For J & K!

Pakistan can be seen very vocal about India shunning down ‘Human Rights’ of the people in the Jammu and Kashmir Region. This is the reason stated by Pakistan for not allowing PM Modi to fly over the land of India’s not so beloved neighbour.

Why PM Modi wanted to fly ?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a scheduled tour to Saudi Arab. Flying to Riyadh from Delhi would have been much easier if Pakistan had allowed the access to it’s air space but then it couldn’t be done. India made sure to highlight this incident on the platform of ICAO i.e International Civil Aviation Organisation.

After the Jammu and Kashmir verdict, Pakistan is seen erupting lava very often. This incident was also one of the volcanic eruptions. Let us see how India replies to this one!

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