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News India Records Highest Single-Day Spike Of 8380 Covid-19 Cases

India Records Highest Single-Day Spike Of 8380 Covid-19 Cases

While we all are hoping for everything to be back on track and seems like its actually happening slowly, the threat of COVID-19 still looms large.

coronavirus cases in india

Now, when the government of India is preparing to open India up, the nation records its highest single-day spike of coronavirus cases with 8380 patients. Outlook says that just in the last 24 hours country’s tally spiked to 1,82,143 with 5,164 total deaths.

coronavirus cases in india

Let me tell you that current active cases in India are 89,995, while 86,983 have been recovered. As we can see the increasing numbers of cases just after opening the lockdown, this doesn’t seem like that pandemic is heading out.

coronavirus cases in india

According to the reports, 47.75% of people have been recovered but it’s worth worrying that opening up public places like shopping malls, religious places, and public transport is now acting like the patrol in the fire.

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