Google street view, is that google technology which enables us to view each and every place of a country in a complete 360-degree view, is unfortunately, not coming to India anytime soon. Here’s the reason why?

Google Technology rejected in India

Due to the earlier faced Mumbai attacks in 2008, the country knows that this technology can be very dangerous if gone into wrong hands, moreover, the easy accessibility of the app also increases the chance of its misuse.

Any terrorist group can use it for the bad of our country, criminals can plan an easy escape and drug smuggling can also be increased up to unstoppable levels through this app, therefore, the use of this feature was rejected by the country itself.

Google technology used by terrorists

This highly appreciated google technology wasn’t actually introduced for these horrifying uses, according to its creators it was only meant to ease the exploration of places around the world which could also have been very beneficial for the geographical purposes.

According to reports, the Indian official sources have said that the rejection has only come after a proper analysis by the security agencies and defense forces. Allowing Google to cover India’s lands and sites would be a great compromise for the country’s security.

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