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News India Share Rivers With These Countries What Can Happen If The Peace...

India Share Rivers With These Countries What Can Happen If The Peace Is Disturbed

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In Uri base camp attack seventeen soldiers were killed in the blast and more than 30 were hurt, this was the biggest attack, after this attack the tension between India and Pakistan has increased and various drastic steps are being taken. Now, India has decided to cancel the Indus Waters Treaty which was signed on September 19, 1960.


How many rivers India shares with Pakistan


Apparently, there are six rivers that flow from India to Pakistan, that are –

  • BEAS
  • RAVI

The three rivers Jhelum , Chenab and Indus were awarded to Pakistan and Satluj , Ravi and Beas were awarded to India. If this agreement is broken than both the countries will face problems. India can easily block the dams and water reservoir built on these rivers, but Pakistan will be the real victim. As 80 % of the river water is used by Pakistan only. The Pakistan will face drought, famines and 60 % of the population of the country will be the victim. The terrorist should be punished not the innocent families.

India Shares 54 Rivers With Bangladesh


There is 54 common rivers between India and Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have 2,979 km of land border and 1,116 km of riverine boundaries. The Indian states of West Bengal, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Assam, and Tripura share the 4,095-km border with Bangladesh.

China Shares The Brahmaputra With India

The Brahmaputra River


The Brahmaputra which is known as Yarlung Zangbo in China flows through India-Bangladesh where it meets the Ganges River before draining into the Bay of Bengal. India relies on this river as it receives almost one-third of its water supply.

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