News Business India: Third Biggest Market For Motorola

India: Third Biggest Market For Motorola

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Motorola, Jan Huckfeldt, says that India is the third biggest market in value for Moto. India market is among the fastest growing alongside the Brazil market for the brand, he added. Motorola was acquired by Chinese phone and PC maker Lenovo from Google for $2.9 billion three years ago.

Moto Lenovo IndiaLenovo is positioning Moto as the premium brand for the company and that the brand is regaining its marketshare in the US and Brazil, its top two markets in terms of value, according to Huckfeldt. Moto Z was launched recently, company’s most premium product, with accessories like digital camera, JBL speakers, attachable batteries, projectors, as also removable cases.

Huckfeldt was in Bengaluru to work with developers in the city to enhance the various use cases of Moto Z.

Moto Lenovo India Moto Z In online sales in India, Moto and Lenovo together covers around 25% of the market. “Moto and Lenovo address two different consumer segments with spec conscious customers going for Lenovo and for the premium and trust-able brand customers are buying Moto.” said Huckfeldt.

CMO Huckfeldt stated further, “We crossed $1 billion in mobile sales in India some time ago,” without disclosing when the company surpassed the milestone. Xiaomi also recently said that its calendar year sales crossed $1 billion in sales in India in 2016.

Moto Lenovo Make in India

Lenovo established a manufacturing plant in Chennai 18 months ago. It has the capacity to make 6 million units a year. They also have a PC manufacturing plant in Puducherry. Apple is also considering establishing a smartphone assembly unit in Bengaluru.

Huckfeldt said two years ago most smartphone makers were making losses, but much of the industry is profitable now.

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