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News India Times Changed Their Logo After Quiet A Long And Then This...

India Times Changed Their Logo After Quiet A Long And Then This Happened !

India Times, the country’s one of the most popular media publishing website which comes under the Times Group, revamped it’s Brand Logo after quiet a long time. And being such a big name, India Times have a quiet a huge following in almost all social medias including Facebook. India times today changed its profile picture after quiet a long time updating it with the new logo.

Here’s the earlier one :

Image Source : IndiaTimes Facebook

And this is the new logo which India Times updated today :

Image Source : IndiaTimes Facebook

It was obvious that seeing the huge following, the new update got quiet a mixed reactions from the follower. As soon as they updated the new profile pic, people started commenting their thoughts on the new logo. And IndiaTimes was quiet responsive to the comments.

Here are some reactions from that and let me tell you, India Times passively nailed some of the diggers :

Well, whatever were the reactions from the followers, change is inevitable as they say and it’s always good to keep refreshing. Just a make over of the Brand Logo doesn’t make much of a difference.

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