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News Seduced by ISI Agents Who Pretended to be Women This Air Force...

Seduced by ISI Agents Who Pretended to be Women This Air Force Officer Leaked Important Information to Pakistan

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Where one side Indian Army soldiers are sacrificing their lives for mother India in Kashmir. The same time there exists those who are no less than Vibhishana – Ghar Ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye! A 51 years old Indian Air Force (IAF) officer has been arrested in Delhi on charges of espionage and passing on classified information to Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI.

His name is Arun Marwaha and he is a group captain. He leaked information and documents to two Pakistani agents. They seduced him online through chat pretending to be women, according to the reports. The officer, posted at the IAF headquarters in Delhi. He has been charged under the Official Secrets Act and faces up to 14 years in jail. He was due to retire next year.

The reports revealed that after chatting with ISI agents (pretended to be women) on Facebook, they exchanged numbers and started chatting regularly on WhatsApp. They allegedly even exchanged intimate messages. After gaining his trust, the agents asked the officer for classified documents. The officer shared information regularly on WhatsApp in return for obscene photos, according to sources. The information that he shared was reportedly on new agencies in the field of cyber warfare, space and special operations.

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