The year 2020 has been declared as the year of Gaganyaan and Chandrayaan-3. which is  India’s first human spaceflight mission on the cards this year.

This year in 2020 India is making another attempt to land on the moon with a mission tentatively called Chandrayan-3, which is planned on Novomber2020. The mission will feature an entirely new lander and rover this time but will not feature an orbiter of its own, because  Chandrayaan 2 mission already has a functional orbiter that is currently in orbit around the Moon. , previously Chandrayan -2 had a partial failure due to the loss of communication with the landing module. But (ISRO) has announced their intention to send a second mission to soft-land on the Moon by November 2020.

ISRO chief K Sivan  Addressing a press conference at the ISRO headquarters without revealing the names said the four astronauts will undergo training in Russia from the third week of January. This moon mission has been set to cost around Rs 600 crore and may take around 14-16 months. Chief Sivan said, “Many systems will be tested before the flight, including human rating of the propulsion modules and the crew escape system,” he further added We made good progress in Chandrayaan-2 although we could not land it due to the loss of communication, but this time ISRO is either going to have to find a way to strengthen their communication signals with the lander, or they’re going to have to program the lander module in a way that it’s even finding and navigating to a good spot for a final descent can be fully automated.

The chief said the agency is also working on land acquisition to build a second spaceport and has zeroed in on 2500 acres of land near Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu.

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