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Indian Beer Consumers Willing To Switch To Low Or No Alcohol Beer

Beer with less alcohol

As per the latest research, it is being said that more than 41 percent of beer drinkers, aged 25-34. Are now willing to switch to no-alcohol or less alcohol beer versions.

After the pandemic triggered nationwide it made consumers even more conscious about their health. As per the latest report, almost 41 percent of the beer consumers aged between 25 to 34 are preferring to consume beer, but with no alcohol or less alcohol. Since the population is getting more health-conscious now, therefore, they are preferring the alcohol percentage in the beer to be less.

Some of the major reasons for this are health issues, hangover, and avoid getting drunk. It seems like responsible and healthy drinking has become the mantra for most of the Indians now. And therefore the brands need to explore opportunities around reduced or no-alcohol beer. Furthermore according to Mintel’s research. Many Indians are now interested to drink gluten-free or low-calorie beer. India as one of the largest producers of the Millets is now working towards catering to the demand of the consumers. And this will also act as a good reference for countries like Norway and Spain, to take inspiration for gluten-free beer.

Let us tell you that craft beer is consumed by almost half of Indian consumers with high-quality standards and worth the price. And therefore brands should innovate and introduce more craft beer variety. Talking about canning and bottling the brands should focus upon it to ensure its distribution to consumers at a massive scale with a relatively long shelf life.

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