Indian Couple’s Jaw Dropping Body Transformation is Getting Viral on The Internet

Today fitness challenges are not only meant for the celebrities. The common man is also getting concerned about its fitness. But not many succeed in achieving fitness goals owing to their busy schedule and unhealthy food habits. However, a Marwari couple is stealing all the limelight for their extreme body transformation from drab to fab.
This couple from Rajasthan is all over the internet for the past few months. The reason is their unbelievable journey of weight loss. They achieved their desired body shape and now inspiring people.A 40 years old man Aditya Sharma and his wife Gayatri Sharma weighed 72 kg and 62 kg respectively 3 months ago. One day they suddenly realized that they are over-weight. They decided to shed down their extra kilos and become fit. They started focussing on their diet and routine exercise. Aditya stated in an interview as mentioned in report:
“Initially, it was very hard to convince my family members as every mother want to feed good food to her son and can’t see him starving or refraining from having delicacies that she has cooked for him.”
However, Gayatri came forward to emotionally support her husband and motivated him that they would surely achieve their fitness goals soon. Gayatri lost 11 kgs in 3 months while working hard and leaving sweet stuff behind whereas Aditya has gone to 52 from 72 kgs. Aditya talked about his fitness journey in an interview to
“There is no easy way to lose fat and you are bound to face struggles. But you need to be patient and continue working on your body, tirelessly. Discipline, dedication and hard work along with consistency were the salient features of my successful transformation. If I can, you can surely do the same.”

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