Cocktails and mocktails have some bizarre names at fancy cafes but trust me you wouldn’t have heard about this one.  And yes you read it very right. I ain’t joking. This is for real :

An Italian-themed restaurant and bar in Singapore has a drink that will make you SHOUT -What The Fu#k !!! Yes, no kidding.

The Description of the Drink :

Enticing flavours of India, Creamy Chai Latte shaken with Amaretto, Bulleit Bourbon, Hazelnut Syrup, French Cream and Honey Water

You can buy the drink for you SGD 23 (approximately INR 1140) but i am not sure how will you behave after having the drink. You might go desi and start cursing the word or go gaga on Daler Mehndi’s Tu Nuk Tu Nuk Tuu..Tara Ra ! I am not sure about it. But really, who named the drink Madarc##D and the question of the year- Whyyyyyyy ?

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