Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak commits suicide in Mumbai

Anupama Pathak has allegedly committed suicide at her residence in Dahisar Mumbai. The 40-year-old actress reportedly committed suicide.
High Life Dumped By Mother in The Bin After Birth, Insects Had Eaten Away...

Dumped By Mother in The Bin After Birth, Insects Had Eaten Away Her Nose, Now Little Durga is Living a Lavish Life in America

3 years ago an infant girl was found in a bin in Anjaar city, Gujarat. Her parents abandoned her as she was a girl. Insects nibbled front part of her nose during that frightening night. One of the sweepers noticed her and took her to the hospital where her treatment started. Many businessmen and organizations had come to finance Durga’s treatment but the hospital authority had decided to treat her by their own or freely.

The time when she got admitted to the hospital she shocked everyone as her nose was not there on her face. She was kept in hospital for one month and then Women Welfare Centre of Bhuj. Because of this deformity, three families had refused to take her in adoption. There are only six children in Women Welfare Centre of Bhuj, and more than 25 families are waiting to adopt a baby here. But, no family has come forward to adopt Durga.

But like they say “anything can happen in this world”. Kristen Williams, 44, an American national came forward to adopt Durga. She was a single high school teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, who always dreamed of being a mom. Firstly she started pursuing adoption in the year 2009, and after researching different international adoption agencies, she elected to adopt an infant girl from Nepal. However, in the middle of the process, the U.S. Department of State suspended all adoptions from Nepal on suspicion of fraud. Even by spending $28,000 she never met the child she adopted.
But Kristen was determined to adopt a child to be a mother. This time she came to India for adoption and she came across a 5-year-old girl named Munni. Munni’s past influenced Kristen emotionally very much as she had been physically and mentally assaulted and this had left prominent scars on her face and scalp. She said,

“I saw her face, and it was like an electric current just shot out and hit me in my heart,” Kristen says. “She was everything I wasn’t looking for, and she ended up being everything I needed,”

She became Munni’s official mother on February 14, 2013. Six months later, Kristen decided to adopt another child from India and there she met Durga who was abandoned at birth and repeatedly rejected by prospective adoptive parents due to her appearance.

In 2015 she adopted Durga and brought her two adoptive daughters with her to the USA. After hearing Kristen’s inspiring story, The doctors have decided to provide Durga with a custom nasal prosthesis and other treatments free of charge, until she is old enough to undergo reconstructive surgery.


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