Ranbir Kapoor And Alia Bhatt’s Birthday Bash For Riddhima Kapoor Sahni

After Ranbir Kapoor's sister Riddhima Kapoor Sahni turned 40. Ranbir and his ladylove Alia Bhatt together gave a birthday surprise to her.
Infotainment Another Google Boy Found In India With IQ Equal To Einstein And...

Another Google Boy Found In India With IQ Equal To Einstein And Hawking’s

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Wonders do occur in the world, many young geniuses are born in this place who are sometimes even way smarter than many adults. Last time, India got to see such a genius in the image of 8yr old Kautilya Pandit who was also famous by the name ‘Google Boy‘ but this time, this 11yrs old boy has got the IQ score of 160 and his smartness level is equal to that of Einstien and Hawking.

Google boy Akhilesh Chandorkar
Source: Twimg

The name of this google boy is Akhilesh Chandorkar who was shocked to see a letter in his parent’s hands when he reached home one day. That letter actually confirmed his IQ of 160. That letter had come from Mensa which is an international society of high IQ people. Moreover, Mensa has itself claimed that now, Akhilesh was a part top 2% intelligent people of the world and was also invited to be a member of Mensa.

Akhilesh is the student of Jain International School and had appeared for the Mensa examination in June while being on a family trip in Scotland.

This Is What Akhilesh The Google Boy, Has To Say About His This Selection.

 “I was expecting around 140, but this is really high. After the test, for days we kept checking e-mails to see if the results had come. It was a nice surprise to find it coming through traditional postal mail,” said Akhilesh.

Google boy kautilya-pandit
Google boy Kautilya Pandit, Source: santabanta

Moreover, Akhilesh is also not just work all day and no play. He takes a keen interest in playing basketball and lawn tennis and loves fiction very much. Akhilesh is already all set about his future and is every time planning about his success. “I want to be an astronomer and am already working on a theory about black holes,” Akhilesh further added.

Even as a child we knew he was special. He used to solve jigsaw puzzles and put together Lego block designs at the age of four, that normally only nine-year-olds can do. He’s a voracious reader as well. Since he met the minimum age of 10 for appearing for Mensa test, we decided to let him have a go at it,” said Akhilesh’s mother Sonali.

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