Entertainment Indian Idol: Contestant Dolly's Mother-in-Law Tried to Burn Her Alive!

Indian Idol: Contestant Dolly’s Mother-in-Law Tried to Burn Her Alive!

This world is full of two types of people Good and Bad. The whole story of the world revolves around these two type of people. One of the stories we have come across so far from the Indian Idol show aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

A girl who came as a contestant shocked everybody with a burnt face, she looked wounded and crestfallen. However, she looked confident and strong to put up a song in front of judge panel, owned by Farah Khan, Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam.  But probably, audience and judges, ofcourse! were curious to know what exactly happened to her in her life so far.

When asked, she told, I married someone in the temple, soon after my marriage, my husband asked me to go to my house saying that he would come and take her back. When she asked the reason, her husband said that he wasn’t feeling well. Even after the passage of three months his husband didn’t come to get her back. Then he came after 4-5 months took her home, she said he hails from a Bihari family where dowry system is a common practice.

My mother-in-law never accepted me and she started torturing me, although my husband didn’t torture me, but he was addicted to alcohol. He even lied about his job, he was unemployed in actual. On one fine day when I woke up

On one fine day when I woke up I was told to make kheer but by using a coal stove instead of cooking gas. Suddenly my mom-in-law pushed me and the milk fell into the coal stove (sigree) and the steam splashed onto my face. I woke up in a hospital and was there for 2 months.

Now she has recovered and lived her life in her own way. She is a teacher now and use to teach English subject and also teach dance.

Well! we want to say that Dolly you are a strong woman. Not everybody has got the powers to stand against the storms so strongly and confidently. We appreciate your courage. Rise and Shine!

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