Aamir Khan Was Near To Death While Shooting ‘Ghulam’

Aamir Khan is an artist who distinguishes him from other actors. He is called Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood and that is because...
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Money Can’t Buy Everything: Indian Richest Business Tycoons Who Ended Their Life Tragically

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Money can’t buy everything and these richest business tycoons of India somehow proved it. They ended their lives tragically under mysterious circumstances, put people in shock and left an unsolved mystery. Readout the text below:

1) VG Siddhartha – Founder of Cafe Coffee Day

The founder of the biggest coffee outlet chain, Cafe Coffee Day’s founder VG Siddhartha put the nation in shock when he vanished suddenly from his car and gone missing. He left a note which showed he was disappointed being a business as he wrote, ‘I gave up’.However, the authenticity of the letter is still under suspicion. After 36 hours, his dead body was found by local fishermen in the Nethravathi river, Karnataka.

Here’s the letter:

2) Vineet Whig – Chief Operating Officer of South Asia at Encyclopaedia Britannica

In 2016, the 47 years old Vineet ended his life by jumping from the 19th floor of his society’s building in Cyber City, Gurugram in 2016. A suicide note recovered from Whig’s pocket that revealed he was in depression.

3) Lucky Gupta Agarwal – Founder and CEO of KQingdom Ites

The year 2016 witnessed one more tragic death of a business tycoon, 33-year-old Lucky Gupta Agarwal who killed himself by inhaling nitrogen. According to the police reports, he committed suicide after his text and messaging app failed to take off.

4) Lalit Sheth – Founder of Raj Travel World

In 2012, the 56 years old Lalit Sheth was the head of the country’s then-leading leisure travel company Raj Travel World. He tragically committed suicide by jumping off the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. A lot of debts was the reason behind his drastic step.

5) Angad Paul – CEO of Caparo Industries

In 2016, Angad Paul, the son of India-born Britain-based businessman Swraj Paul, ended his by jumping from the eight-storey building of his own. He suffered massive injuries and pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics. His company was facing the crisis, went into administration and many jobs were lost. He was under a lot of stress.

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