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Why Indian Roads Get So Many Holes On Them If Compared To The US

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All of us love driving but facing those annoying holes and bad roads gain and again really gets annoying in India. Can you remember any day where you went on a drive but couldn’t see any holes on the road? I think ‘No’, that’s because holes and Indian roads are like the two sides of the same coin who cannot live without each other.

But What Really Makes Indian Roads So Vulnerable?

The reason behind Indian road’s rough condition is their civil designs itself. Basically, there are two layers spread in an Asphalt road which is the layer of gravel and on top of that, the layer of Asphalt – a compound mixture of concrete and tar.

Indian roads

The asphalt coverings are actually very good and can even bear the heaviest loads. The soil itself is the ingredient which provides these roads the ability to ‘reform’ themselves when a truck or bus passes over them.

If you check the maintenance of a road regularly, then you’ll find that the constant blockage of rain water over the roads is the reason which makes them so weak. Rainwater actually destroys the asphalt and reduces its quality by going into the gravel and reducing its reforming properties, so whenever a heavy vehicle passes on such a road next time, the road reforms less and gets damaged.

Along with the destruction, the erosion of the road also takes place.

American roads

But Then Why The Roads In The USA And Other Developed Countries Won’t Get Destroyed Easily?

1. The answer is that they are well supported to restrain water in almost each and every part of the country. Their roads have the peaks in the middle of the road and slopes facing downwards at the corners, whereas, In India, the roads are more given a flat finish.

2. They have well-designed drainage systems along the roads to drain all the rain water whereas in India, we also have the same quality drainage systems but not alongside all the roads.

roadside drainage system

So this was the real reason behind Indian roads’ real bad construction and we should really not blame the Indian government, corruption and the so-called “bad quality of roads” for no reason.

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