As UK Quits European Union, Indians Crack Jokes On Twitter

As UK Quits European Union, Indians Crack Jokes On Twitter

As the whole world stands in confusion today, it really doesn’t feel we are living in reality. The UK has really voted to leave the European Union and guess the consequences. PM David Cameron has decided to resign from his office by the end of October and this is how the Indian and the other former British colonies are reacting on the Brexit.

David Cameron resigns from his office

Really the Brexit decision has upset the whole world but the serious outcome of this decision is still unknown. Currently, many people are leaving no chance to dig into the situation and Indians are also not lagging behind:

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Indians dig at the Bretix controversy
Source: passionconnect

It is really very unbelievable but the most unexpected comments are coming from India

And Almost all of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have been flooded with such kind of posts.

And Then Comes The Viewpoints Of All

But The Voice Says The Same Thing

Indians comment on Bretix
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This Plaque Has Spread That Much That Now Even The Other Former Countries Are Also Infected

There Are Still More Reactions Left To See On This Controversy But Sure, This Drama Is Really Fun For Many

Indians making joke on Brexit

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