News Indians Will Find More Difficulty In Finding Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Indians Will Find More Difficulty In Finding Jobs In Saudi Arabia

As Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is doing efforts to bring reforms in Saudi Arabia. One of them is to make Saudi Arabia less reliant on oil exports. Moreover, to provide jobs in private sectors for citizens of Saudi Arabia. So, they are implementing some rules on foreign companies and these companies are trying to fulfil the demands of government.

Saudi Arabia wants companies to give more jobs to their citizens instead of migrants. But the companies have some issues regarding that because the people of Saudi  Arabia are not habitual in doing jobs for long hours and they demand high salary packages also. Apart from this, almost 75% of Saudi Arabia people are doing government jobs and they are less interested in private jobs. Still, the companies are trying to fulfil the government’s demands.These all reforms can make trouble for migrants as well as for foreign companies also.

Besides, Saudi people can’t drive the trucks, they don’t like to work in Kitchens, constructions and storages. So, it becomes difficult for companies to give jobs to Saudi people.

Saudi Arabia made the visa more expensive for foreigners. Further, companies have to pay a heavy tax for appointing migrants on jobs. Meanwhile, it becomes difficult for Indians as well as other migrants to find jobs in Saudi Arabia.


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