News Inhuman Act by Myanmar Police Against Rohingya Villagers, Video Getting Viral on...

Inhuman Act by Myanmar Police Against Rohingya Villagers, Video Getting Viral on Internet

The world seems beautiful to us, every day we wake up, go to the office, meet friends and have delicious food to eat. However, the situation is not same for everyone. Someone in some other part of the world is just struggling to breathe out in the clean air, freedom and only basic necessities. Harsh realities!

A merciless act was happened in Myanmar by Burmese police to the Rohingya villagers. Rohingya villagers are the minority Muslims in Myanmar that are being targeted by the security forces. A self-video has emerged showing police beating and kicking civilians mercilessly.  The matter was provoked when police said Islamic militants attacked three security outposts along the border with Bangladesh, killing nine officers on Oct 9.

Watch the video here:

Since that announcement, more than 100 people have been killed, hundreds have been detained by the security forces, more than 150,000 aid-reliant people have been left without food and medical care, and women are suffering hell as they claim to have been sexually assaulted. Near about 30,000 people have fled for their lives.

Although the government led by the Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has announced am investigation into police brutality against Rohingya Muslims. Hope they will lead a normal life again!

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