Injured, Hema Malini grabs all attention: nobody bothered about a four year old killed in the same accident!



The news about Hema Malini’s car accident and her injury has been in the spotlight from the time it happened. The accident took place at around 9 pm on Thursday at the NH1. As the reports say, her Mercdes collided with an Alto which injured people sitting inside both the vehicles.

A police official said that a 4-year old who was sitting inside the Alto car succumbed to her injuries and lost her life. Four others have been injure and admitted to the hospital.

It’s both sad and surprising that just because an accident met with an accident the news made to the front page of all the national dailies and the news flash of all television channels. But very few of us actually knew about the little girl who lost her life. We saw blood smeared face of the actress but not even a petty mention about the girl.

What about the little girl who lost her life before it probably even started? And her family? Why is the actress who was barely the focus and nobody cares about another innocent life that has been claimed too?

Way to go people! Selfie contests and women empowerment campaign sure aren’t making any difference to the a lot of people.