Inspirational: Born Blind, His Family’s Income Was Only Rs 2000 – Today He is a Millionaire!


If you want to find examples of inspiration, bravery, hard work and defying the all odds, find them in real life not in books. Today we will tell you about the highly motivational story of 27 years old Srikanth Bolla, the founder of Bollant Industries.

How is story is inspirational? Let us tell you…

He was an exceptional child as he was born blind in a poorest family in 1991. The monthly earnings of his family was only Rs 2000.

Born without sight not without vision

Srikanth’s parents were advised to kill him after his birth but destiny had some other plans for him. He suffered humiliation while he was growing. Villagers shunned him and denied him higher education. His family was dependent on farming. After his matriculation, he pursued science in his 10+2 but was not permitted to do so. It was then Bolla filed a case and after a six-month wait, he was allowed to pursue science at his own risk. Bolla topped his class with a 98% on his XII board exams. He was denied admission to coaching institutes for Indian Institute of Technology, where he aimed to study engineering. It all because he was blind.

He challenged the education system and studied by getting textbooks converted into audio books. He really worked hard and it was his determination that took him to study overseas. He became the first international blind student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA.

He got many offers from big US’ corporate companies but he wanted to do something innovative in his own country. He returned to India and started Hyderabad-based Bollant Industries in 2012. His company manufactures eco-friendly packaging solutions and provides employment to several hundred people with disabilities, with funding from Ratan Tata. Its current worth is approximately INR 50 Crores.
In April 2017, Bolla was named by Forbes magazine in its list of 30 under 30 across all of Asia, one of only three Indians in that list. Disability never stopped Bolla from dreaming. He won the world on his own terms!