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High Life Inspirational: From Marrying at 15, Suffered Forced Sex And Abusive Life to...

Inspirational: From Marrying at 15, Suffered Forced Sex And Abusive Life to Bollywood’s Top Stuntwoman

Today is International Women Day. The world is celebrating this day to appreciate the importance of women existence on the planet Earth. We know, that now the world is changing and there is a need to celebrate every living being on Earth rather than just celebrating the existence of females. But there is still exists that portion of a male world who thinks that women are not equal to them and they are the puppets of their fingers.

For these men, this inspirational story is so befitting. This story belongs to the Bollywood’s top stuntwoman Geeta Tandon. Yes, she is the famous stunt woman of Bollywood and rules this men-oriented action forte with grace. But reaching to this place was never been easy for her.

Born in a poverty-stricken family, she was only 15 years old when her father arranged her marriage with a man who was 10 years older to her. She never wanted to get married at that time but she didn’t oppose as she thought now her life will become better. She will get food, will get good clothes to wear, will be able to watch TV serials and all.

On the wedding night, her husband tried to have sex with her, she opposed it but got raped by her own husband. Her husband was a bad man, all dreams about a happy marriage shattered that night. Geeta’s husband was abusive. He used to assault her physically and mentally. Her in-laws and neighbours also never intervened. At the age of 19, she became a mother of two children – a son and a daughter.

On an ill-fated day, when she was 20, Geeta was beaten brutally by her husband. He banged her head on the wall for 5 times. Dizzy and distraught, Geeta left the house finally. She ran away with her children and struggled a lot to make a better space for herself. Dealing with life’s difficulties, while doing various jobs, she met a dance group that performed at weddings.

One of her friends from that group suggested her name in TV ads as she agreed to do stunts. This is how from doing stunts for TV commercials she reached Bollywood through various connections. Geeta was now a member of the staunchly male-dominated world of action. She rose above the odds and defined her life the way she wanted.

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