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High Life Add This Killer Bio To Your Instagram Account To Get Maximum Followers

Add This Killer Bio To Your Instagram Account To Get Maximum Followers

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Just having an Instagram account is not a deal making it attractive and appealing is something much more! If you are a regular Instagram user you may come across an Instagram profile that made you instantly follow them on the spot. Ever wondered what makes them so engaging?

Some accounts have such a killer bio that don’t let the users scroll through the feed to see and decide if they want to follow. They just pressed the follow button and start following. If you also want to have an Instagram account with a killer bio that let you get the maximum followers then follow these tips and crush the competition.

Your Profile Photo: Put a picture featuring your super cool face with hottest expressions. Use filters as much as you can but keep in mind that it look a little bit natural too. Take your profile picture mostly in the white background. Make it partially recognizable and fully attractive so that if a person clicks on your pic and go to your profile and like what they see, they’ll most likely start following you, which is what we want.

Short and To The Point Bio: There is a word limit on Instagram for writing a bio so let people know exactly what it is that you do. Surf internet to find out the words that describe you better in one word like your brand or what yo do, and work off that.

Be Relatable: Avoid telling your entire story, no one wants that. Make whoever is reading your bio FEEL something. You want them to read and say, ‘hell yes, that’s my kinda girl or boy…! and how you can do that? add your interests that are real and don’t cram them from anyone. Don’t say yourself a “music lover” if you only listen to songs on phone or sings it alone. Don’t say “Adventurous” if you have only visited two or three places in-line. Say truth about yourself like you love street food, love playing ludo etc make it simple, real yet attractive.

Use of Emojis: A picture speaks 1,000 words rightEmojis make a boring bio of text interesting and draws the person eye in. It makes them actually WANT to read the bio to see why those super cool emojis are there?

Include your E-mail: No matter what your business is or even if you are a student or doing 9 to 5 job, you’ve got to make it simple for people to contact you. If not, you could be missing out on some Major opportunities.


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