SP Vinay Tiwari statement on being quarantined by BMC

Patna police officer SP Vinay Tiwari was quarantined by BMC for 14 days. After he reached Mumbai to proceed with further investigations....
Trending Intelligent Things Which Alia Bhatt Has Done Properly

Intelligent Things Which Alia Bhatt Has Done Properly

One of the most sizzling sensations of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt is the prettiest and the growing superstar of this era. She has already won the hearts of many by giving beautiful hits like SOFTY, Highway, 2 states, Humpty Sharma ki Dhulania, Kapoor & Sons and even her most awaited movie ‘Udta Punjab‘ is also on its way now. Although even with these many superb hits Alia is still considered as a dumb girl with lots of trolls on Facebook and Twitter. Surely, we all laughed on those trolls, included us too but here’s the list of 5 intelligent things which Alia Bhatt has done which you would love to read:

5. The Surname Itself

Intelligent Things Which Alia Bhatt Has Done Properly

Only a few people are born with famous surnames, a person’s first impression depends on his surname. Just like a geek’s son would be considered a geek and will also be respected for it whereas a terrorist’s son only get hatred in his future because of his name, people do get the fame by the name through which they survive. The first intelligent thing which Alia Bhatt did was being born in the ‘Bhatt’ family itself.

4. Debuting With A Karan Johar Film

Intelligent Things Which Alia Bhatt Has Done Properly

Being the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, the famous filmmaker, Alia could have already survived on the Bollywood stage with too much ease but instead of doing a film with her father she debuted with a Karan Johar films which also starred all other newcomers. Now think it yourself, how easy can it be to debut in a Karan Johar film?? Well, it is not at all easy but Alia Bhatt had the right talent to impress him and each and everyone of her audience. The result, Student Of The Year or SOFTY became her biggest success and opened the way of a very bright future for her.

3. Being Always In News

Intelligent Things Which Alia Bhatt Has Done Properly

Alia Bhatt is a storehouse of talent or… incidents maybe, her life is already so interesting that whatever happens to her comes in news on that day itself. From the release of her first film to the trailer and talks of ‘Udta Punjab’, from several memes to all the funny quotes and from each and every single news of her relationship status, Alia Bhatt has always been viral and an interesting topic to talk about for every Indian.

2. Makes Fun OF Herself

Intelligent Things Which Alia Bhatt Has Done Properly

Alia Bhatt never lags behind in anything. she always tops everywhere, even in making her own fun too. Alia Bhatt herself collaborated with the famous YouTube series All India Bakchod and allowed them to create a video which tested her own IQ levels. Only a few people have the guts to allow someone to make fun of them, they all feel sad when someone does such a thing, especially celebrities but Alia but is the only B-Town star which allowed the whole country to laugh at herself.

1. De-Glam In Just Her Second Film

Intelligent Things Which Alia Bhatt Has Done Properly

People like beauty and people with some serious attitude about their looks hate to wear ugly clothes, ahem, I mean the normal clothes which all wear. Alia Bhatt, who was seen so much hot and glamorous in her very first film decided to do a de-glammed role in her second film Highway but that’s not all, she is again in the looks which are much similar of a rag picker in her upcoming release ‘Udta Punjab‘.

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