Intensive Training Brings Good Results: Fitness Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Many girls still think that they will become muscular by training in the gym like Arnold Schwarzenegger. They begin to speak in the bass, lift 200 kg barbells, and wear men’s clothes. However, this is all a myth. So not just this but there are other myths related to fitness that modern people continue to believe in. And why this is not true, we have shared below.

Constant intensive training will bring quick results

Overloading yourself with frequent and intense workouts is highly discouraged. Firstly, such activities are unlikely to be useful, and, for sure, you should not expect that after a week of continuous trips to the gym you will dump everything that you have eaten for the past few years. Secondly, working for wear and tear, you will encounter a number of problems – overwork, decreased immunity, and frequent colds. The body needs to rest t and have at least 8 hours a day of sleep.

The higher the pulse, the faster you lose weight

Another common misconception associated with “fat-burning is that It is believed that only intense training at maximum heart rate can give the desired result. In fact, working hard is highly undesirable. However, there is value in the process of tracking heart rate.. For example, it is enough for weight loss, to keep the pulse in the range of 60-70% of the maximum heart rate, but it is no longer worth stepping over the border of 80%. The slimming belt helps to remove belly fat

Fitness Myths

Limiting food after 6 can help you lose weight

A key aspect in both weight loss and weight gain is the principle of energy balance, that is, the ratio of consumed and expended calories. In other words, if you want to lose weight, then you must spend more than you consume, and vice versa. Limiting your food after 6 pm, will not bring absolutely any benefit to your body. On the contrary, it will be much better to arrange a late dinner consisting of vegetables and protein products.

The slimming belt helps to remove belly fat

There are so many women who believe that belly fat can be removed by a magic belt that will locally affect body fat with heat and make you thinner. And thinking that it’s okay to lay on the couch, overeating on buns, and drinking your favorite soda. Allegedly, it is enough. However, according to the experts, such belts is not only useless but also dangerous. You will not lose weight from them, but the internal organs, which are constantly exposed to high temperatures, may suffer.

Fitness Myths

Shoulders/arms/legs grow from weight training

Most women have a fear of the gym, thinking that weight training will turn them into masculine athletes. In fact, in order to swing to the size that ladies should follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. So you don’t have to worry that training will make you big and pumped – it won’t! But you will get a slender, toned body, perfect posture, strong muscles, and a beautiful relief.

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