Inter-Faith Couple Humiliated In Passport Office , Asked for Changing Name Or Religion

On Wednesday, the woman named Tanvi Seth was humiliated in the passport office. She went there to renew the passport but asked for change her name first as she is married to a Muslim man. The inter-faith married couple lives in Noida and working there in Noida-based multinational firms.

 “I was told my passport cannot be made because I have married a Muslim and did not change my name. I asked what I should do now. So I was told to change my name in all documents,” Ms Seth told NDTV.

Ms Seth’s husband, Anas Sidiqui, said the officer “asked me to change my name, my religion… He said one of us has to change our name or religion”.

Ms Seth said that the officer spoke to her in the very humiliating way and people around were staring at her. she was in tears. She tweeted Sushma Swaraj for the incident.