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High Life Interesting And Unknown Facts About Sperm

Interesting And Unknown Facts About Sperm

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Have you ever thought about the thing because of which we are in this world. Though it is small but is most important. Though the ejaculation is just a half teaspoon but it has 200 million sperms in that.

Lets know some more interesting and unknown facts about sperm.

The majority of sperm is abnormal

Unknown Facts About Sperm

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Humans aren’t much great at making sperm. Over 90 percent of any given ejaculation is malformed. As monogamous animals, our sperm must not be perfect since the sperm is typically not competing against another person’s sperm.

Takes long time to form

Although there is a large turnover of sperm, but according to latest studies, sperm takes more than two whole months to form.

Sperm has a helmet

Unknown Facts About Sperm

Sperm wears a helmet that helps it to fertilise the egg. The helmet is called an acrosome. When the sperm hits the egg it releases chemicals that melt the surface of the egg so that sperm can enter.

One testicle is enough

If someone is born without a testicle or lost one in an accident, that person can still conceive. In such case, the other testicle grows enough to compensate.

Unique Y chromosome

Unknown Facts About Sperm

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The Y chromosome results in a birth of baby boy. Other chromosomes in the body are combination of your mother’s genes and father’s genes, but Y chromosome doesn’t get mixed. So a male’s Y chromosome is identical to his father’s Y chromosome and his father’s chromosome and so on.

Production never stops

Women are born with all eggs that they will ever have and usually in their middle age they’re done being fertile. On other hand, men are always producing sperm. Of course, the quality with the age degenerate a bit with age.

Its unknown to body

Unknown Facts About Sperm

Created late in the human development or puberty, sperms are unknown to immune system. They may get attacked by the immune system but luckily they are surrounded by cells that protect the sperm.

Sperm is just a vehicle

We often think that we are sperm and egg combination. But this is not true. Researchers kill the sperm when creating test-tube babies and they inject the dead sperm into the egg. The DNA inside the sperm is the only thing that egg requires.

Stay cool

Unknown Facts About Sperm

The testicle need to stay about seven degree cooler than the body temperature for the sake of fragile sperm. That’s why testicle stay outside the body. When testicles shrink in the cool weather it’s just to get more body warmth.

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