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High Life 'They See Us Naked' 5 Reasons Airport Staff Knows Much More About...

‘They See Us Naked’ 5 Reasons Airport Staff Knows Much More About Us That We Can’t Even Think

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Airports have their own rules and regulations and why not, after all our security depends on them. But there are some secrets that you probably know about them. Here are some interesting facts about airports and their employees. Read them out!

1) They see us naked

Yes, you read it right! There are some airports, there are special scanners that are also called Naked Scanners. It means an airport employee sees the person naked while they walk through the scanner.

2) They can figure out off behavior

In some of the airports, there are people, called as profilers. Their work is to analyze the passengers – their body language, behavior, gestures etc. They do so to detect suspicious people. They carefully notice the non-verbal signs of anxiety like licking their lips, itching, or, for example, looking around a lot. Profilers work in both the main halls and in passport control. Their most asked question is…What is your purpose to visit?

3) They have dogs to keep a check on your bags

Your baggage goes through five security levels before it gets on the plane. One of the security levels is being checked by a special dog that can sniff out drugs or other chemicals.

4) They don’t care if you have a visa to a different country

When arriving abroad, if they find out that your visa has expired, you will be deported by the same air company that took you there. Additionally, the ticket will be bought by the person who let you on so you can return home for free.

5) They know what is in your hands

There are sometimes when the airport staff asks you to rub your hands on a piece of fabric before putting it in into a special machine. This machine is called an atomizer. This machine detects chemicals or drugs and alerts them about the danger.

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