High Life Alauddin Khilji Was Bisexual And a Paedophile, ‘Baccha Bazi’ Led to His Brutal...

Alauddin Khilji Was Bisexual And a Paedophile, ‘Baccha Bazi’ Led to His Brutal Death!

It came and we watched! Yes, we are talking about the film Padmaavat that sparked a lot of controversy in the nation but even then liked by the audience. Fans are appreciating the character of Deepika Padukone as the queen Padmini. It’s natural that how we only love to talk about the positive side of the story but remember it’s always the villain that makes a hero, a hero!

Taking this into the mind, today we are going to tell you about some interesting facts about the cruel ruler Alauddin Khilji. He titled himself ‘The Second Alexander’ during his rule. Sultan of the Khilji dynasty and he ruled most of North India in the history of India during his reign. Khilji was also the first Muslim ruler to conquer South of India. Here are some unaware interesting facts about him:

1) The betrayal way of becoming a king

He was not happy with his marriage to the daughter of his uncle – Jalaluddin Khilji, Malika-i-Jahan. The worst part was, he became the sultan of Khilji dynasty in Delhi after killing his uncle and father-in-law, the founder of Khilji dynasty.

2) He was a bisexual

Various theories by historians suggested that he was a bisexual and a paedophile. He had a weakness for young boys. This was the time when the practice of ‘Baccha Baazi’ was at its peak.

What is Baccha Bazi? It was a practice where young boys were dressed as women to entertainment invaders. Out of all the people Khilji had in his harem, it was Malik Kafur who caught Khilji’s eye. 

3) Purchase At Slave Market

Malik Kafur became a dreaded general in Khilji’s army was the reason for his successful conquest of India. But did you know he was a eunuch slave purchased by Khilji’s general Nusrat Khan? Yes, it is true! 

4) Khilji’s likings

Alauddin Khilji had a heterosexual personality. He had a harem which had more than 70,000 men, women, and children. 30,000 women out of these were widows of men Khilji killed in a single day.

5) Death Conspiracy

His lover Mallik Kafur had betrayed him over ambitions of taking over the Delhi Sultanate. Some theorists say he injected toxic liquids in his body leaving him to die of Oedema. Mallik Kafur then blinded Khilji’s sons, Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan, by taking their eyes out, killing them in the process. He then ordered to blind Khilji’s third son Prince Mubarak. Fortunately, he escaped this assassination attempt and informed Khiliji’s loyal army of Malik’s treachery. Kafur was later beheaded by them.

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