Infotainment Interesting Facts About Hitler Which You Don't Know

Interesting Facts About Hitler Which You Don’t Know

#1 He had a crush on Jewish girl- It sounds strange that a man who was so intent on destroying the whole Jewish community once had a crush on a Jewish girl. But this is true that when he was in school and wasn’t the evil monster he had a crush on Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak. when he was younger he was very shy and never tell her how he felt.

#2 He used Drugs and Bull Semen- Throughout his life, Hitler used plenty of drugs. According to dictators medical records that went up for auction at Alexander historical auctions and Stanford Connecticut. He took over 30 prescription medication throughout his life. According to records he used cocaine that he neede cocaine to clear his nasal passages.


#3 He was a pervert- Hitler was known for getting handsy with women whether they wanted it or not. he had no problem grabbing lemon in their private places. Apart from this, he also had a crush on his niece Geli Raubal. It is rumoured that the two had a sexual relationship. In 1931 Delhi died, according to authorities, she died of an apparent suicide. Ever since she died people had speculated that Hitler was responsible for her death. She was only 23 when she died.

#4 He had a nephew in the United States Navy- In 1911 Hitler’s brother’s son William Patrick Hitler was born in Ireland when he moved to the United States, he joined the United States Navy and he fought against his uncle. It is reported that he fought alongside his uncle as well. It is believed that he was planted there to get to know the enemy so that the uS could take them down. After the war in 1933, he moved to Germany where he worked at a bank in Berlin. in 1942 William was imprisoned day the soviet union and at Hitler’s recommendations, he was killed.


#5 He didn’t know how to drive- Throughout his whole life and his reign of terror Hitler never learned to drive. some people believed that he had no interest in driving and others believed that he didn’t want to try just in case he failed considering he led an entire army. It is really strange that he never learned to drive.


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