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High Life Interesting Facts About South Korea Which Will Blow Your Mind

Interesting Facts About South Korea Which Will Blow Your Mind

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#1 Help For Pregnant Ladies- South Korean government give $500 to pregnant ladies for buying required things. Moreover, there are special seats for pregnant ladies in public transports. Further, there are special parking areas which can be used by ladies after 6 months of delivery.

#2 Workaholic Country- In South Korea people work a lot and buses run 24/7. Recently, Korean government passed a rule to turn of the pc’s on Friday evening but this rule is opposed by some people.


#3 High Schoolers Study till Mid-Night- Middle scholars have to study till 10:00 PM bu the high Schoolers study a lot and have to study till 01:00 AM. That is the reason that the libraries remain open 24/7 in South Korea.

#4 Couples Wear matching Clothes- Usually, couples celebrate every 100th day of their relationships. To express their happiness they love to wear matching clothes. Couple clothes are easily available in almost every store in South Korea.

#5 Coffe-best gift for Teacher-If parents want to give a gift to the teacher of their child they can give them only coffee and candy. Because other things are considered as the bribe for the teacher.

#6 Believe in Practical Gifts- South Korean people love to give and receive gifts which are of practical use. They don’t gift each other showpieces and sceneries. Toilet paper is the normal gift which they give and take usually.

#7 Tasting Food in Groceries is Normal- this is really one of the most amazing facts of South Korea that a buyer taste food in grocery sores whether he buy or not after tasting.


#8 Cheap Cabs- Buses run 24/7 in South Korea. but travelling through cab is not expensive as in India. It will be equal to bus expense if you can manage two-three people to travel with you.


#9 Gifting- If you are in South Korea and have to give or receive gift make it is only dessert, Food or another eatable because other things are considered as a bribe.


#10 New Year Celebration- South Korea celebrates a new year for three days: one day before the new year, new year day and day after new year. Travelling by car in these days will take four times more time because of traffic. Tickets of buses and trains are reserved months before travelling in these three days.




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