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Infotainment Interesting Facts That Indian's Surely Didn't Know Before

Interesting Facts That Indian’s Surely Didn’t Know Before

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Bata was founded by three siblings with a small inheritance in the town  of Zlin, Czechoslovakia on August 24, 1894. It was one of the world’s  first shoe “manufacturers”; a team of stitchers and shoemakers creating  footwear not just for neighbors, but for distant retail merchants.


Café Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day (abbreviated as CCD) is an Indian café chain owned by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company. Amalgamated bean coffee trading company (ABCTC) is a Chikmagalur (which is a district in the Indian state Karnataka) based company which grows coffee in its own estates of 12,000 acres (4249 hectares). It is the largest producer of Arabic beans in Asia exporting to various countries including the USA, Europe, and Japan.



Mohun Bagan A.C., an Indian football club based in Kolkata is older than some of the European giants like Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, and PSG.


The iconic club was founded in 1889. On September 25th, 1977, Mohun Bagan A.C. played a friendly match at the Eden Gardens against the star-studded New York Cosmos, a team from the original North American Soccer League that comprised of legendary players such as Pelé, Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto and Giorgio Chinaglia. The match ended in a 2-2 draw with the Indian players receiving a lot of praise for their performance. Moreover, it was only a last gasp penalty from the striker Chinaglia that denied the Indian club a historic win.

Such was the quality of Indian football until the early 1980’s.

Here’s a glimpse of the match with legendary Pele with the players of Mohun Bagan.


Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is the richest temple in the world. It is dedicated to lord Vishnu of Hinduism.As per the findings, it has assets worth more than 19 billion US dollars or 1.2 trillion INR.


The world famous ‘JAMES BOND’ theme song is actually inspired by the song ‘ Good sign Bad Sign’ sung by Indian characters in the novel ‘A House for Mr. Biswas ‘. The song is composed with Tabla.

Its composer Monty Norman explains its evolution



Starting from 1981 we have been doing Expeditions to Antarctica. We have constructed Antarctic Research Base DAKSHIN GANGOTRI in 1983 and MAITRI in 1990 and thus set to join an elite group of 9 countries which have multiple bases in Antarctica.


Col. Jatinder Kumar Bajaj, a member of one of the Indian expeditions to Antarctica, standing at the South Pole (17 January 1989)

Pics of  “Bharati’ & “Maitri”



India guzzles 50 percent of the world’s whiskey

I knew we Indians drank too much but this much quantity was just mind boggling. According to Quartz.com, India is far and away the world’s biggest guzzler, owing in part to its large population. Roughly half of the world’s whiskey is drunk by the sub-continent. Most of it is made by UB India, the world’s largest whiskey company by volume.


Indian Railways has total 1.4 million employees which are more than population of some countries

The number of employees in Railways is equivalent to the entire population of many countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Estonia, Mauritius, Bahrain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Vatican City and more.


Indian housewives hold 11% of the World’s gold. That is more than the reserves of USA, IMF, Switzerland and Germany put together.



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