reproduction on Mars
Reproduction on Mars

Having a colony of humans on Mars was a fantasy once. But now according to recent researches’ scientists are claiming that life on the planet is possible. And at the same time also working on how one can have sex on Mars in microgravity.

Scientists have concluded that humans can reproduce on Mars. They hope that in the future it will be possible to create a space settlement on the Red Planet. Previously, it was believed that the level of radiation in the galaxy can destroy human DNA. Making it impossible for offspring. Recent studies have shown that sperm can live in outer space for up to 200 years. To do this, scientists sent samples of mice sperm to the international space station and left it under deadly radiation.

After six years, they found that the seed was in excellent condition. Researchers conducted the same experiment on Earth, exposing sperm to X-ray irradiation: this also did not affect the ability to reproduce. The only problem is how to have sex on Mars in microgravity. Nevertheless, experts are confident that this issue will also be resolved in the future. Scientists are constantly working to preserve the genetic diversity of not only humans but also animals when humanity begins to migrate to other planets.

In the meantime, dozens of volunteer are participating in the project launched by MDRS( Mars Research Desert Station) They are trying to adapt to everyday life on another planet – they live for months in specially equipped stations in the desert in North America, which even visually resembles the Red Planet.

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