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News Interesting Lesser-Known International Chess Facts That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Interesting Lesser-Known International Chess Facts That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

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Chess is the game of champions, that’s what most people say and fortunately, it’s also the truth. Chess was originated in India and is even more than 1000 years old. This game is played worldwide and is the pride of India, although, it’s common to see foreigners being blank about the game but it’s a shame when an Indian refuses to know anything about chess. Well, here we do have some great chess facts which even the champions of the game may not know.

Lesser known chess facts
Source: Umad

Some Of Those Lesser Known Chess Facts Are:

1.  The match between Nikolic – Arsovic, Belgrade 1988, is the longest official chess match ever played which consisted of total 269 moves but unfortunately, ended up in a draw.

2. It’s really a very surprising fact that the total number of possible genuine games which can be played with chess is actually even more than the number of electrons in the whole universe.

Chess facts that will blow your mind

3. Theoretically, the longest chess game which can ever exist in future can be of total 5,949 moves.

4. The Persian language has also contributed a lot to this game. The word ‘checkmate’ has been derived from a Persian word ‘Shah Mat’, meaning – (The King is dead).

5. One of the most interesting chess facts is that before 1280, pawns only used to move one square on the first turn. The rule further increased to 2 squares in the year 1280 in the country of Spain.

interesting chess facts
Source: wallpaperup

6. The first Chessboard to appear with light and dark squares was introduced in Europe in the year 1090.

7. The record of chess moves ever played without capturing any pawn in a chess game is actually 100 moves. This interesting chess fact has been taken from the chess match between Thorton and M. Walker in 1992.

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