International Tea Day 2020: Significance and History


Today 21st May is celebrated as the international tea day. The United Nations has last year itself declared 21st May as the International Tea Day. It was previously celebrated annually on 15th December, but now we all need to celebrate it today as it is the first International Tea Day since its announcement.

History and Significance

International Tea Day 2020 is being celebrated all over the world today. The proposal to commemorate this day was proposed by India during the International Food and Agriculture Organization meeting held in Milan. The International Tea Day began on 15 December 2005 in New Delhi and later on it spread all over the country. Currently, India and China are the two countries that widely use tea. People not only drink it but also considers it as a part of their culture.

Tea is the second largest drink consumed after water across the globe. And as far as its consumption is concerned, India stands among the largest tea consuming country. From the street-side stalls to the desi joints everyone enjoys having a sip of tea. Tea drinking is not only considered as a private act but also public. It has been said that the history of tea is about 4 thousand years old. However, there is no clear evidence as to where the tea originated.

Variety Of Teas

Let us tell you that the culture of welcoming guests with tea was introduced a long time back. The link of tea in India and China is also associated with Buddhism. It is said that Buddhist monks also used tea for medicinal purposes. Not only this but it is also a reason to get rid of the stress since it gives peace and relaxation in minutes after gulping.

There is an incredible variety of tea in this world. If we go super basic there are four different categories, which are white teas, green teas, black teas, and lastly herbal teas. But if we explore further about them it would be difficult to figure out since all the tea has their own sub-categories and variations.

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