Internet Going Crazy Over These Photos From Mars. Signs Of Life? Or Madness?

The Red Planet- Mars has a landscape known to be lined with lots and lots of rocks and reddish sands, so far. However, many science buffs are ready to believe that life exists on the planet before even the astronauts could conclude so.

Recently, the curiousity rover sent pictures of mysterious objects from mars back to earth which went viral on the internet. People with more imaginative minds, are interpreting many different things from these images. Some believe that these images prove extra-terrestrial activity on Mars — a world where lizards, mermaids, traffic lights, jelly donuts and a statue of Barack Obama all could exist in the dusty expanses of the red planet.



In reality, who knows if that could really be possible or those mysterious objects are just weirdly-shaped rocks. Well, sooner or later we shall find out.. For now watch what this astronaut from NASA has to say about this…