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Internet Star The Super Muscular Kangaroo, Roger Sadly Dies at Age 12




A Kangaroo named Roger became an internet star overnight years ago for his super muscular physique. But sadly, he is no more! Yes, he died at age 12. He was raised by shelter which was started by Barns. Roger grew to two metres tall and weighed 89kg.

In the year 2015, Roger became an internet star after a video clip of him crushing a metal bucket with his bare paws went viral. Roger died of arthritis and fading vision that plagued him in his final years. Kangaroos can live for up to 23 years, according to National Geographic.

Since the day sanctuary’s Facebook page announced Roger’s death many netizens from around the world have sent condolences to Barns. Barns said that “He will always be here, we’ve laid him to rest out here so he can be with his family.”