Intimate Details Of Megan Fox’s Wedding

Machine Gun Kelly specially designed Megan Fox’s engagement ring which represents their unique relationship. The ring would have cost approximately 300 thousand dollars, which would be 245,640,000 million Chilean pesos.

Kelly proposed to Fox with an extra special ring. In the video, where they announced the marriage on Instagram, Megan’s ring with two precious stones on her hand drew attention. The jewel consisted of two intertwined silver bands and two precious stones. The emerald represents Megan Fox and the diamond represents Machine.

megan fox machine gun kelly

Kelly posted a video on Instagram showing off Fox’s new ring. In her description, she reflected on the deeply personal meaning of the ring and her feelings for it. Just like her love, the meaning behind Machine Gun Kelly’s Megan Fox engagement ring is as unique as ever. Kelly worked with Stephen Webster for months to design a “You and Me” look with the couple’s birthstones.

“Placed on two strips of magnetic spines that come together like two halves of the same soul and form the complete heart that is our love,” Kelly wrote on Instagram of the ring, which consists of two pear-shaped stones.

The cut diamond and emerald are estimated to be around six carats each. The gorgeous white diamond and green emerald really complement each other. A timeless cut dating back to the 15th century, two pear-shaped gemstones are showcased in a multi-piece shank design set with round diamonds in a pave setting set in platinum. In short, jewelry experts say that it is a “modern and elegant” piece.

megan fox and machine gun kelly

The twin stone seems to be a perfect fit for his “soul mates” who met after meeting on the set of the “Midnight in the Switchgrass” movies in 2020.

“Instead of a soulmate, a twin flame is actually where one soul rises to such a high level that it can split into two different bodies at the same time,” Fox said shortly after they went public with their relationship. “So we’re really two halves of the same soul, I guess. I told him right away because I felt it as soon as I saw it.”

megan fox hot photo

When it comes to jewelry trends in engagement rings, two-stone rings have become a huge trend in the last couple of years.