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Major Warning To iPhone Users, Never Say 108 To Siri Otherwise This Will Happen

People using an iPhone or an iPad are being warned against saying 108 to Siri. According to the reports from the Sun, A Facebook user called Latoya Beckett recently urged everyone with an iPhone to try it, adding, “You’ll thank me later”. Saying 108 will, in fact, put you through to the emergency services in the UK because 108 is the equivalent of 999 in India.

Siri considers it as a call for help and connects you to your local service.

Never say 108 to Siri
Source: Kent Live

Making things worse, another prankster has urged iPhone users to say the numbers and then close their eyes for five minutes – meaning they wouldn’t notice right away that a call was being directed to 999.

Other numbers to look out for are 112, 110, 000 and the US number 911. Siri is a computer program that works as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator part of Apple inc’s IOS, MacOS, tvOS operating systems.

Siri was first launched on October 4, 2011, as an application available on Apple’s App Store in the United States by Siri, Inc.

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