Some people living their lives like they’re just out of a silly dramatic Sitcom. And quite weirdly real life has more drama than any crappy TV series (Thanks to these amazing characters). And they have so much interest in our love lives that as soon as we start dating someone new they bombard us with these irritating questions about our new love interest.

So That means You’re No Longer With Your Ex.. What was his Name?

well, yes I was but that wasn’t any of your business and so is not this!


But I thought He was a Great Guy.. What Went Wrong?

The usual shit. That’s What happened. Can’t set that right now, Can you?

So What’s Up with This New Guy? Did You Kiss Him yet? Is he any Good?

how is it even anybody’s concern? Except for my close friends of course! We Shall have our first Kiss when we want to and why should anybody know of it?



Is He Rich? Is That why It Didn’t work Out with the Other Guy..Eh?

Seriously! Stop judging me or anybody for that matter.

Are You even Serious about Him?

Oh Yes! I was serious about him even before I knew I’d meet him! *Dripping with sarcasm*


When is he Going To Take You to Meet his Parents?

Wait. what??.. Did You just.. ? We just started dating! Its freaking too soon for things like that.


I Have a Really cute Friend that I Could’ve Set you up with… But You never did Let me..

Oh Yes! and This is just why I didn’t!


You shouldn’t waste your Time Dating. Its Time You Settled Down.

and it’s time you shutup.


But why would You date Someone If You Can’t Or Won’t Marry him.

Because my life isn’t about marrying someone unlike yours.

So the next time you start dating someone new and come across people asking you all these questions, I’m sure you can have a good laugh in your mind.. 😉

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