A very common question that all of us have to think about in our teenage or even after that. It is very difficult to figure out that am I really in love with that cute gal or handsome hunk around or is it just a crush. We have a very strong feel of infatuation or attraction towards someone, and feel a strong desire to be in that someone’s company, and when we give it a thought that whether it is that permanent feel of love or a temporary crush. We all keep dreaming of our crush day and night, and then one day we realise that “Oh! That was just a crush!”, as we have now another one to think about. We bring to you some points to think over and they will surely let you decide who your true love is.

  • Crush is Temporary; Love is Permanent

Crush is usually a short lived feeling of infatuation or attraction towards that someone special, but when you fall in love, you can’t get that person out of your mind ever. That special space in your heart for your crush can be taken over by another crash, but love is irreplaceable.


  • Lost love makes you feel dead

When you lose your love, you feel like there is nothing else left in life for you, whereas, if your crush leaves you alone or ignores you, you will soon forget about that and start to enjoy when you meet another person with a similar personality.


  • Lost crush = Gained crush

When you lose your crush, you can sooner or later find someone in place of that first crush of yours. So losing a crush means making space for another one in your heart, but no one can ever fit in that place for love.

Cute Teenage Love Quotes

  • Love is a connection of souls; crush is a connection through eyes  and heart

Usually, you have a crush on someone when it appeals your eyes, but you have your soul attached to that person when you are in love.


  • Crush is fictional like fairy tale; love is magical and real

Thanks to our movies and fairy tale books, we all get into that imaginative world with our crush, but love is no fairy tale. Love is very much real and magical, that you want to be always in that lovely world, whether it gives you joys or sorrows.


  • Many reasons to love your crush; but no reason to love your love

The person on whom you have your crush must be having a great fan following and be the most sought after guy/gal around; but you don’t need a reason to fall in love, as the famous song says “Love me for a reason, let the reason be Love!!!”


  • Your crush can turn out to be your love for life

It happens at times that we can’t get that person out of mind. Maybe he/she is out of our sight, but not out of mind. If you continue to have this short timed feeling of crush that is lasting really very long, then it may turn out to be love. So watch yourself and your feelings well.


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