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Is Mia Khalifa HIV Positive? Know The Truth Behind This Viral Fever

Is Mia Khalifa HIV Positive? Know The Truth Behind This Viral Fever


Recently a news has burnt the Internet that the popular porn star Mia Khalifa is HIV positive. The post also stated that in her latest medical test she has been diagnosed with HIV positive. Today, we are revealing the truth behind this viral story.

Is Mia Khalifa HIV Positive?

The one thing popular about this Lebanese-American porn star is she never denies any rumour related to her. As she belives people will say what they want to. By giving clarifications she doesn’t want to boost up their confidence. However, the news that searing the Internet now that Mia Khalifa has been diagnosed with HIV positive is totally fake. The website that revealed this truth has no exact proof that justifies it. Along with that on the mentioned date of medical test, Mia Khalifa has posted her gym session photo on her Twitter account. 

Post also stated that Mia did go under this medical test out of America whereas she was doing exercise in the gym with her instructor on that day. Mia Khalifa is also known as Callista. She has more than 3 Lakh followers on Instagram. Born in Lebanon she had shifted to America in 2000. She got popular between the year 2014-15 and has more than 10 Lakh followers on Twitter.

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