TV actress caught Red-Handed in NCB raid, arrested with Drug Peddlers

The team of Narcotics Control Bureau has once again made arrests in the drugs case related to the death of Bollywood actor...
Trending Is Mika Singh Living With This Actress In Lockdown?

Is Mika Singh Living With This Actress In Lockdown?

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Currently, there are many pictures are surfacing of Mika Singh and a TV actress on the internet. The special thing is that these pics are also being shared on Instagram. After seeing this, the fans of both are also keen to know what is there between the two.

This TV star is none other than Chahat Khanna of the ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain‘ TV serial. Let me tell you that Chahat Khanna is doing a lot of photoshoots with him in Mika’s balcony these days. After seeing their tuning and chemistry, their fans feel that Mika Singh is about to fill the empty space of his life. Actually Chahat Khanna had two marriages but both could not go on. Now people are speculating many things by seeing her in Mika’s house.

Chahat has taken the curtain out from all these gossips and has told that these days Mika and she shooting a music video in the “Love Quarantine” at Mika’s house. Mika is her neighbor, so she goes to his house and shoots music videos.

Mika says that he has done this video shoot from his phone. People do not know about the video shoot, so they are talking different kinds of things, while all this is happening only for music videos. Whatever may be the case now, but both are spending romantic moments with each other and taking a lot of pics too.

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