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Is Mother Dairy Going The Maggi Way?

According to the UP Food and Drug Administration, they found detergent in one of the samples of milk picked from Mother Dairy’s collection centre on Tuesday. The Delhi-based company has denied these allegations.
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“Results showed that the samples were sub-standard and one of the two contained detergent,” UP FDA official in Agra, Ram Naresh Yadav, told Press Trust of India.

The sample was said to be of poor quality in the Administration’s Lucknow laboratory. The company has challenged the results and the sample was sent for further research to the Kolkata laboratory. The results tested positive for detergent.

Even after the reports came out, the Mother Dairy officials have denied any such charges and are constantly saying that they always. conduct stringent quality checks.
Let us wait and see if another big brand like Mother Dairy will have the same fate as Maggi.

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