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Entertainment Is "Nashe Si Chad Gayi" Song Copied From This Japanese Track? Decide...

Is “Nashe Si Chad Gayi” Song Copied From This Japanese Track? Decide Yourself!

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The year 2016 gave us lots of super-DJ-hits. Top of the list being “Kala Chashma” and “Nashe Si Chad Gayi”. We all know that “Kala Chashma” is the remake of its own Punjabi hit but did you ever thought that the one of your favourite dance hits, “Nashe Si Chad Gayi” song could actually be copied from a Japanese hit?

Indeed, now people are believing that the “Nashe Si Chad Gayi” Song is actually a copy of this Japanese hit.

The movie released in December 2016, created a lot of hype in the public but couldn’t show its magic. Although, its songs went very viral and were on the lips on every individual but on the other hand, the Japanese animation series, known as “Anime” are the greatest means of entertainment in Japan and obviously more successful than Ranvir-Vani starrer Befikre. So is it really possible that the song ‘Nashe Si Chad Gayi” could have been copied from one of the anime series? Let’s find that out with a little experimenting.

This is the original version of Befikre’s “Nashe Si Chad Gayi”

And this is original OST theme song of the hit Japanese anime “Junjuo Romantica”

Notice: The term “anime” does not refer to any particular series but to a large number of animated publications made in Japan.

Just like you, we were also shocked to see the similarities between both the songs. What do you think, is the song really a copy or the Hindi version of this Japanese track? After such rumours stormed the social media, the famous composer, Vishal Dadlani from the famous composer duo of Vishal and Shekhar decided to come to aid.

Here’s What Vishal Dadlani Has Said About The “Nashe Si Chad Gayi” Song Being Copied:

Haven’t copied a tune in 17 years. Not about to start now. Bizarre and uncanny coincidence, but anything I say will sound defensive, so I’m not even going to try. There is no doubt, the melodies of both first lines are exactly the same.

"Nashe Si Chad Gayi" Song Copied - Vishal Dadlani
Image Source: MensXP

The first time we ever heart this ‘Junjuo‘ track was time when someone pointed out the similarity, maybe a couple of weeks ago. If we’d heard it before, we’d have modified our tune to sound different. But, our consciences are clear. It’s weird as hell, but there it is.

So Vishal Dadlani has confirmed that the similarities between both these songs are just a coincidence but now it’s upto the media to believe him. What do you think, is Vishal telling the truth or the song is really a copy? Do mention your views in the comment box below.

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