High Life How Long Do Couples Wait To Get Intimate In An Arranged Marriage?

How Long Do Couples Wait To Get Intimate In An Arranged Marriage?

We all know that arranged marriages still happen in our country, whereby guardians notify their youngsters with a destined life partner. While some masterminded couples have the freedom to become more acquainted with each other over a drawn out stretch of time (basically dating). For those that do step into marriage rapidly, the question that arises first is that, is it really awkward in having sex with your better half? Here, we are up with some of the reactions that will surely blow you away –

My parents arranged a marriage for me and I traveled back to my country, met her once before the marriage. At the very first night, she was really shy and kept hiding herself under the blanket, nothing happened that night, then she got a call the next day from her mother and they kept talking for half an hour. It happened then later that night when we were in bed innocently watching TV, then she looked at me and said maybe the first complete sentence: “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do” in a nervous voice. So I laughed and played it funny, then started gently kissing, hugging, and joked a bit then two hours later we are doing it and now I’ve two kids from her. Arranged marriages are nothing to deal with the sexual intimacy as it is not that awkward.

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Here’s an another one :-

I met my husband 3 months before my wedding. We went on a few dates before the wedding. How was the wedding night? Pretty nice. Since we’d both come directly from the wedding, we needed to shower. He took a shower first, then I did. It was about 2 am before we finally got started. It wasn’t awkward at all. A bit painful, but not really awkward. First orgasm came a few days later on a train in France for our honeymoon. 20 years later, we’ve got a house full of children to prove that the sex has been both enjoyable and plentiful.

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sex on first night arranged marriages

It is clearly observed from the above 2 expressions that sex, in case of arranged marriages is never awkward. After a couple of sessions, the couples begin to intimate like rabbits wherever and whenever they want to. Below given is one of the best experience I’ve ever seen. Check this out –

We waited till our marriage but as we talked to each other on phone, we were getting desperate for the special night. We both were virgins never had affair with anyone. As the much awaited day came, we just started as if thirsty for thousand of years. I wore a condom but unfortunately, I was not able to do the act properly as lights were off instead released my semen just by the excitement of rubbing with a nude girl. On the second day, I saw blood on my condom and surprisingly, it was not the blood of ruptured hymen but my prepuce tore a little bit and blended inside the condom.. Ha ….ha ….ha took me a week to do the act properly.


What were your experiences? Drop your comments in the comment section below!

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