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Entertainment Is shaandaar movie shocked shahid kapoor and alia bhatt?

Is shaandaar movie shocked shahid kapoor and alia bhatt?

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The last week release of Shaandaar movie shocked Shahid kapoor and alia bhatt, everyone used to enjoy there holiday weekend watching there movie,still the movie was turned to be the best marriage movie all along and spins the biggest money earner in the last decade,the film is all about the lost spirit.



Alia bhatt D/O MR. Mahesh bhatt, played a very extreme role in the movie which makes the movie more intresting for people to watch it on.However, despite opening on a high note last Thursday, the film has shown a gradual but steady drop in overall box office collections. Adding to their woes, today being Monday, a day when usually every film’s box office collections show a dip, we wonder what will be the fate of Shaandaar at the box-office.


The two couple likewise Shahid and alia, who played a role lost spirit in the movie,the social networking sites had revieled the top secret of the movie before releasing the movie,but unaware of this fact the movie earned much more money above to its expectations,In fact we also heared that the makers of the film have since cancelled quite a few promotional events that were scheduled to be held over the weekend.but the fact is movie is running successfully on the screens.

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