Is Shraddha Kapoor Going To Get Married? Her Aunt Gives A Hint

While the news of Katrina Kaif and Vicky’s wedding has kept gossip all over, it is now being heard that actress Shraddha Kapoor may also name her relationship with her boyfriend Rohan Shrestha as marriage. Although the news of their marriage has come in the media many times before, but this time Shraddha Kapoor’s aunt and actress Padmini Kolhapure has pointed it out.Let us know what she said.

Shraddha Kapoor wedding

Padmini Kolhapure did this comment on social media

Shraddha Kapoor boyfriend

Shraddha and celebrity photographer Rohan Shrestha are dating each other for a long time. However, Shraddha has not made her relationship public yet.Padmini Kolhapure recently launched a new version of the song ‘Yeh Galiyan Ye Chaubara’. Shraddha shared this on social media. To this Padmini wrote, ‘I am going to sing this song in your wedding and Vedika’s wedding.’Due to this the discussion of Shraddha’s marriage has intensified again.

‘Teri Galian..’ is very close to Padmini’s heart.

Padmini said, “Since the day I shot this song, this song has been very close to my heart. I always wanted to sing this song on my daughter’s special day. For me both Shraddha and Vedika. I have daughters.”She said, “I wanted to sing this song for my son Priyank’s wedding, but then it was not released. I want to show the bonding of mother and daughter through this.”

Padmini Kolhapure is the sister of Shraddha’s mother Shivangi Kolhapure. Padmini worked in many films like ‘Prem Rog’ and ‘Insaaf Ka Taraju’ in her career. She is also an excellent singer. Her pictures with Shraddha are often viral on social media.

In an interview, Shakti Kapoor had said, “We have a family relationship with Rohan. I have known his father for many years. Rohan often comes to our house, but he never asked for Shraddha’s hand in marriage. Both are in childhood. are friends.”He said, “Anyway today’s children decide these things for themselves. I won’t mind if Shraddha tells me that she has chosen a life partner for herself.”

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What did Rohan’s father say?

Responding to the question related to the marriage of both, Rohan Shrestha’s father had said, “If both of them like each other and decide to come together then it is a good thing. Both are mature and will take their decision carefully. “”I don’t mind this relationship if it’s my choice. If they want to get married, I’m happy to do everything for them,” he said.